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Foreign nationals who have received word from Visas-USA that their non-immigrant visa application has been approved must now complete the online form DS-160. 

Each person, including your dependents, must complete the DS-160. Once it is complete, the consular office will use the information from your DS-160 to process your application and to schedule an interview with you to determine your final approval for a visa stamp.

  • You MUST complete the DS-160
  • You MUST be truthful in your answers
  • Be careful to save your progress as you proceed. The site can time you out.
  • You have thirty days to return to a partially complete DS-160 in order to finalize it

Sample DS 160

Steps to Complete a DS-160


Gather your information, including:

  • Your valid passport
  • A digital photo of yourself
  • Your travel itinerary if it exists
  • Dates of previous travel to the U.S.
  • Your resume, if available and necessary
  • Other documents particular to your visa type
    • F and J visas: School or Program information
    • H, L, O, and P visas: Your 797 approval notice, your I-129


Log into


Select the location from which you will be applying. For example “BOGOTA, COLOMBIA”. Then, click the red button: START A NEW APPLICATION


Write down the Application ID that appears on the top right corner. You may need this ID if you return to complete your application at a later time.


Follow the instructions carefully as you proceed. All answers must be in English and use the English alphabet, except for submitting the correct spelling of your name.


Answer truthfully with information that is consistent with the information you provided the legal team at Visas-USA. If, for example, you indicated use of a stage name, provide that stage name when prompted by the website.

If there are questions that do not apply to you, for example when prompted to provide a United States Social Security Number, you will click the box that reads “Does Not Apply”


Select the Visa type for which you have applied.


If you do not have travel plans, you will be asked to estimate your dates


You will be asked where you will be staying

STEP 10:

If you have ever held a previous U.S. Visa you will be asked for its information

STEP 11:

You will be asked to provide your home address, your phone and email, and your social media accounts. Your social media may be scrutinized by the U.S. Government before your visa is approved.

STEP 12:

You will be prompted to share information about your current passport.

STEP 13:

You must provide information about your U.S. point of contact, which needs to be a person or organization that you plan to visit during your trip. You will need this person or organization’s address and phone number, if known.

STEP 14:

You will be prompted to complete your family’s information, including birth dates

STEP 15:

You will be prompted to submit information about your employment.

STEP 16:

You will be asked about your physical and mental health and your history with drugs and alcohol. You will also be asked about your criminal history. You MUST answer truthfully. There will be questions about terroristic activity and illegal political activity.

STEP 17:

You will be asked about your previous visits to the United States and whether you have ever been deported or overstayed a visa.

STEP 18:

You will then be asked questions specific to your visa type. You will need the relevant information and it will help to have your visa application form on hand.

STEP 19:

You will be prompted to upload your digital passport photo.

STEP 20:

Finally, you will digitally sign and submit your DS-160. Your DS-160 remains valid and active for one year.

Here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions about completing the DS-160: LINK


Once you have electronically submitted your DS-160 online application, you must contact the embassy or consulate at which you wish to apply to confirm whether you need to be interviewed by a consular officer, and to schedule an interview.

Here is a link to US Embassies and Consulates: LINK

Often, you must complete two steps:

STEP ONE: The Biometrics Appointment

You will be contacted at the address provided to schedule a biometrics appointment at Application Support Center (ASC).

It is important that you attend this appointment. 

At this appointment, you should bring your appointment notice, a copy of your 797 approval form, provided to you by Visas-USA, and a photo ID. 

You will be asked to submit biometrics at your appointment, including fingerprints and a photo. This process is to confirm your identity and run a criminal background check.

STEP TWO: The Consular Interview

The consular interview will also be scheduled and you will be notified via mail. 

It is mandatory that you keep this appointment.

You and all your dependents must appear in person. A consular officer will interview you and all your accompanying family members to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive the visa for which you have been approved.

Your attorney is not expected to attend.

You will be placed under oath and asked questions about your background and the visa you have applied for. If you are applying for a student visa, for example, you may be asked questions about your plans after graduation. Because you have applied for a non-immigrant visa, it is important to emphasize your plans to return to your home country at the expiration of your visa. 

You can emphasize your plans to return home by sharing information about things that connect you to your home country, like your home, your family, or a job that is waiting for you.

You will be asked to leave your passport behind at the conclusion of your interview. Most applicants are told the result of the interview immediately, but not all. Approved applicants will have their passports stamped with the new visa and mailed to them. 

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